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Oleksii Chornyi

Oleksii Chornyi

My name is Oleksii Chornyi and I’m a Ukrainian foreign lawyer currently living in Prague. I own a law office in Odessa with more than 22 years of legal practice. In Prague I can provide legal services as a sole lawyer in the area of Ukrainian and international law.

My passion is law and helping my clients. I have the ability to listen and understand. I approach my cases with strategic thinking and acknowledge things through a complex point of view. This helps me become aware of the non-obvious and to come up with great solutions for my clients problems even in complicated situations. My work is based on 22 years of experience in legal practice, that helps me develop and advance my legal process management.

Legal Services

I specialise in:

  • Civil law
  • Corporate law
  • Tax law and disputes
  • White-collar crimes